or the Journey of the Writing Body

A bodily journey for sat-down writers

“Nobody writes just with their heads and hands: the whole body is needed.”
Lucia Morciano

JOWB is an interdisciplinary journey for writers that I created putting together nearly everything I’ve learnt on the writing craft, literature, theatre, Theatretherapy and art-therapies in general, music, comic books, yoga, counselling, the street and much more.

JOWB is a series of physical practices aimed at broadening the possibilities of the traditional way of perceiving and performing the writing craft. To boost us writers to utilise our whole bodies to write and not merely our heads.

Some are for individuals and some for groups.
Some are online, some IRL (in London).

Oh, I almost forgot.
JOWB is also my MA in Creative Writing Dissertation.
Delivered as a series of Instagram posts.

Head over to JOWB Instagram account to find out more.

Or drop me a line and we can discuss your own JOWB.