Ciao and welcome
to my digital home!

I’m Lucia, an English to Italian Translator
based in London (GMT BST time zone).

I'm Lucia,
a bilingual wordsmith

Sit back and I’ll make you an espresso, while you quickly check the selection of my services:

  • EN > IT Literary Translations,
  • EN <-> IT Translation Checks, Review and Revision,
  • Italian Proofreading,
  • EN <-> IT Audiovisual Translation, QC, Review and Revision,
  • EN & IT Content & Creative Writing.

If what you need is not listed above, drop me a line and we can still have a chat.

I specialise in:

Literature & History


Creative Writing

Music, Theatre & Cinema

Yoga & Wellness

Cosmetics & Parapharmaceuticals

Art-therapies & Theatretherapy + General Psychology & Psychotherapy

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Why choose me?

Three words:
qualifications, reliability and speed.


I also never stop studying and self-development, I live in the UK, my source language country – so I’m up to date with the latest language trends and customer habits – and I have never missed a deadline!

Some clients I work with